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Mon. Feb. 26:

  • Taylor Swift has reportedly banned Travis Kelce from going to strip clubs . . . and she gave him $500,000 to upgrade his wardrobe.  Supposedly, she’s trying to help him “evolve” to his new level of fame.
  • Noah Peters, a.k.a. “The Singing Barber”, just punched his golden ticket on “American Idol”.  He recently blew up on TikTok by singing to his clients while he cut their hair.
  •  Dolly Parton congratulated Beyoncé on reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot Country chart with her new song, Texas Hold ‘Em”.  She said, “I’m a big fan of Beyoncé and very excited that she’s done a country album.”

Thurs. Feb. 22:

  • Travis Kelce spent $16,000 on Taylor Swift for Valentine’s Day . . . including $7,000 in roses.  And he just touched down in Australia yesterday to join her on tour.
  • A woman taught her dog to respond to “Harry Potter” spells.  Like “Accio” for “come”, and “Avada Kadavra” for “play dead.”  Oh, and the dog’s name is Dobby
  • Jimmy Kimmel might be leaving late night soon.  He says, quote, “I still have a little more than two years left on my contract, and that seems pretty good.  That seems like enough.”

Wed. Feb. 21:

  • Machine Gun Kelly got a significant portion of his upper body, from his arms to his shoulders to his chest, tattooed in solid black.  He posted a picture on Instagram and said, quote, “for spiritual purposes only.”
  • All five Culkin Brothers, including Macaulay and Kieran, will appear on the same project for the first time ever.  It’s a new animated series on Prime called “The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy”
  • Beyoncé’s single, “Texas Hold ‘Em” is number ONE on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.  She’s the first Black woman to ever hold this spot.

Tues. Feb. 20:

  • Charlie Brown’s friend Franklin gets his own backstory on a special streaming on Apple TV+.  Charles Shulz created him in 1968 to give black kids representation following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Madonna wiped out during her show at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle on Sunday.  A dancer was dragging her in a chair when they both went down.  She just played it off and continued the show
  • Billie Eilish trashed the amount of TikTokers at the People’s Choice Awards Sunday night and Bryce Hall responded.  He said he’s disappointed because he was a stan, and that all the content creators were personally invited.

Mon. Feb. 19:

  • Travis Kelce donated $100,000 to the family of two young girls who were injured in last week’s Kansas City shooting.  And Taylor Swift donated $100,000 to the family of radio DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan, who was killed by the gunfire
  • Jennifer Aniston won a People’s Choice Award last night, and on her way to the stage, they played “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus.  Was this a subtle way to troll her for her relationship status?
  • Post Malone is teasing an upcoming collaboration with Luke Combs . . . however, there aren’t many details yet.

Fri. Feb. 16:

  • Jennifer Lopez admitted she gets jealous when someone flirts with her man.  Quote, “I will let them know in a very elegant and lady-like way to step all the way off.”
  • Kim Kardashian has reportedly told Kanye West not to let his wife walk around nearly naked when their kids are around.  Quote, “She is truly surprised that Kanye would let his wife leave the house like that.”
  • Usher dated Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas from TLC 20 years ago, but it ended when he proposed to her. Quote, “I proposed and she told me no. I went through a great deal of pain after that, not trusting women or wanting to open up.”

Thurs. Feb. 15: 

  • Kristen Stewart posed for the cover of “Rolling Stone”. . . wearing nothing but an open leather vest and a jockstrap.  She said she wanted to do, quote, “the gayest [effing] thing you’ve ever seen in your life.”
  • A fan at a Drake show held up a sign that said, “Please help me with my surgery.”  And Drake offered to pay for it . . . even though he didn’t know what kind of surgery he needs.
  • Beyoncé’s producer was asked about whether Taylor Swift would appear on Beyoncé’s country album.  And instead of denying it, he said, “Let’s just say she is on the approach of shocking the world.”

Wed. Feb. 14:

  • Bryan Cranston and his brother were once wanted for murder back in the ’70s.  There was an APB out on them and everything.  But the real killer was caught before they even knew about it.
  • Kate Hudson was part of the school choir at the beginning of “Home Alone 2”.  She still gets residuals every once in awhile . . . in the amount of 10 cents.
  •  Katy Perry says the upcoming season of “American Idol” will probably be her last, because she needs to, quote, “feel that pulse of my own beat.”

Tues. Feb. 13:

  • Amazon is facing a class-action lawsuit for making Prime users pay an extra $2.99 to stream movies and TV shows without ads.  They say Amazon is making subscribers, quote, “pay extra to get something they already paid for.”
  • Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg released canned alcoholic cocktails called “Gin and Juice”, just like their song.  They come in citrus, melon, passionfruit, and apricot.
  • Beyoncè just announced a country album. But the folks at “Whiskey Riff” are saying hold your horses. Quote, “Let’s not pretend this will be the second coming of Loretta Lynn.”

Mon. Feb. 12:

  • The Chiefs defeated the 49ers 25-22 in overtime to win Super Bowl 58.  Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was the MVP.  The Chiefs went back-to-back, after also winning by three points last year to the Eagles.
  • Usher’s halftime show was loaded with guest stars, including Alicia KeysH.E.R.Will.I.AmLudacris, and Lil Jon.  His medley included 14 songs, and he even roller skated.
  • Beyoncé is officially going COUNTRY.  After her Super Bowl ad for Verizon aired, she announced a country album is coming March 29th and released the first two songs:  One called “Texas Hold ‘Em” and another called “16 Carriages”.

Fri. Feb. 9:

  • Mark Ruffalo received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Jennifer Garner was there and they even did a bit of their “Thriller” dance from “13 Going on 30”
  • Zac Efron says it was “jarring” to stand around in his underwear on the set of “The Iron Claw”.
  • There’s a four-part docuseries on the toxic environment on those Nickelodeon shows produced by Dan Schneider.  The trailer dropped yesterday.

Thurs. Feb. 8:

  •  According to a poll, the Hip-Hop show with EminemDr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg from 2022 is the favorite Super Bowl Halftime Show of the past eight years.  It’s followed by Rihanna’s show from last year.
  • Dude Wipes is advertising on the Vegas Strip ahead of the Super Bowl with Taylor Swift Travis Kelce-related slogans like, “We love a clean tight end, too,” and, “A good swift cleaning that’s tailored to your endzone.”
  • Disney announced that a “Moana” sequel will hit theaters November 27th.  No word yet if Auli’i Cravalho and The Rock will return as Moana and Maui.

Wed. Feb. 7:

  •  DoorDash is running a contest where one person can win EVERYTHING that’s advertised during the Super Bowl.  That includes at least three cars, 1,000 Popeye’s wings, and a Clydesdale saddle.
  • Country music icon Toby Keith passed away on Monday night from stomach cancer.  He was 62 years old.
  • Taylor Swift is threatening legal action against a college student who tracks celebrities’ private jets.  Her team calls it “stalking and harassing behavior”, even though the information he uses is public.

Tues. Feb. 6:

Mon. Feb. 5:

  • Jacob Elordi is allegedly involved in an investigation by Australian police for an altercation with a controversial radio host.The “Euphoria” actor was at the Clovelly Hotel in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for several hours on Saturday afternoon before he was approached by Joshua Fox outside the venue, the Sunday Telegraph reports.The outlet claimed that the “Saltburn” star, 26, was “offended by one of the questions posed by Fox,” who is known for crashing “Married At First Sight” weddings to create content for his popular Instagram meme account. The pair allegedly got into a bust-up before Elordi left the scene.
  •  “Argylle” won the box office with $18 million . . . but it cost more than $200 million to make.  So, not good.
  • Taylor Swift played Sandy in “Grease” when she was around 11 years old, and her co-star has the pictures to prove it.

Fri. Feb. 2:

  • Justin Timberlake took what appeared to be a shot at Britney Spears during a show the other night.  So Britney basically took back the apology she’d issued to him earlier this week
  • “Suits” is getting a spinoff called “Suits: L.A.”.  It’ll focus on a new group of characters, and it should be ready for the 2024 – ’25 season.  People streamed more than 57 billion minutes of the original series last year.
  • Louis Tomlinson signed a fan’s marriage license at a recent stop in Indonesia.  Luckily it’s not legally-binding, but it did have their names and photos on it.

Thurs. Feb. 1:

  • Travis Kelce‘s haircut is becoming popular at barbershops. Fans are asking for his low skinfade. Men believe it will help them score a girlfriend.
  • Ariana Grande says she doesn’t care if you think she’s a homewrecker for starting her relationship with Ethan Slater before his last relationship was officially over.  She says you are going to think what you want anyway, so no point trying to change your mind. Labels don’t bother her.
  • Teri Hatcher was recently thrown off the dating app, Hinge. They thought she was pretending to be herself. She says she was just trying to get out there but now she’s over the app thing.

Wed. Jan. 31: 

  • Travis Scott offered a janitor working during his Sunday night show $5,000 to stop working and RAGE.  No word if the man received the payment, or if the employer would let him accept it.
  • Justin Timberlake says there might be more ‘N Sync music coming.  Quote, “We’ve been in the studio, so there may be a little something in the future, too.”
  • According to the bookies, there’s only an 8% chance that Travis Kelce will propose to Taylor Swift after the Super Bowl.  It’s small… but you’re saying there’s a CHANCE.💖

Tues. Jan. 30:

  • Alyssa Milano started a GoFundMe to raise money for a trip for her son’s baseball team.  Since she’s worth millions, and is married to a guy who’s also independently wealthy, people weren’t cool with it.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers are headed to the Super Bowl.  It airs Sunday, February 11th at 6:30 p.m. Eastern on CBS.  Usher will perform the Halftime Show
  • JoJo Siwa will replace Nigel Lythgoe as a judge on “So You Think You Can Dance”.  Season 18 premieres March 4th on Fox.

Mon. Jan. 29:

  • Martha Stewart is working on a tell-all documentary for Netflix.
  • Snoop Dogg has nothing but “love and respect” for Donald Trump.  He may even loan him the $83.3 million he now owes E. Jean Carroll for defamation.
  • A movie about Pharrell Williams is in the works… with Legos.  It’s called “Piece by Piece” and it hits theatres October 11th.

Fri. Jan. 26:

  • Is Michael Cera secretly the head of CeraVe skincare products?  He won’t say. But he  has been spotted posing with CeraVe skincare products a lot.
  • Austin Butler hired a dialect coach to help him lose his “Elvis” accent in order to film the series, “Masters of the Air”. It came out today on Apple TV+.
  • Britney Spears fans are sending her 2011 song Selfish back up the charts to troll Justin Timberlake and his new single of the same name.

Thurs. Jan. 25:

  • Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t think Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie were snubbed by the Academy.  Quote, “Not everybody gets a prize.”
  • Carrie Bradshaw’s skirt from the opening credits of “Sex and the City” sold at auction for $52,000.  It originally cost FIVE BUCKS.
  • Ayo Edebiri from “The Bear” will host “Saturday Night Live” on February 3rd.  Jennifer Lopez will be the musical guest.

Wed. Jan. 24: 

  •  “Oppenheimer” leads all Oscar nominees with 13, and “Poor Things” has 11.  “Barbie” has eight, but Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie were snubbed.  Patriarchy much???
  •  In case you didn’t know, Sofia Vergara is actually BLONDE.  She dyed her hair dark to make it in Hollywood and says it was worth the risk because it got her the role on “Modern Family”.
  • A celebrity trainer says the best basketball players in music include DrakeJ. ColeJustin BieberTravis ScottQuavoChris Brown, and H.E.R.

Mon. Jan. 22:

  • Alec Baldwin once again finds himself indicted on an involuntary manslaughter charge following a new investigation into the fatal shooting on the set of his movie “Rust”
  • Rachel McAdams made a surprise appearance on “Saturday Night Live” to announce musical guest Renee Rapp.  Renee plays Rachel’s character, Regina George, in the new “Mean Girls” movie
  • Justin Timberlake teased a new single called “Selfish” and announced a new album called “Everything I Thought I Was”.  He’s also set to be the musical guest on this week’s “Saturday Night Live”, with host Dakota Johnson.

Fri. Jan. 19:

  • Selena Gomez and David Henrie are reviving their Disney Channel show “Wizards of Waverly Place”. It’ll follow David as a grownup Justin Russo, who must train a young wizard.  Selena will make a guest appearance.
  • Lizzo posted a video from the studio. No word what she’s working on…
  • Jason and Travis Kelce’s last name is NOT pronounced Kel-see.  It’s KELS… with an “S” sound at the end, not a ‘Z.” Apparently, Kel-see originated with their Dad after he got sick of correcting people who mispronounced it.

Thurs. Jan. 18: 

  • Kate Middleton will be in the hospital for two weeks following an unspecified abdominal surgery.
  • Jennifer Coolidge is joining Jason Momoa and Jack Black in the live-action “Minecraft” movie.
  • A writer on the “Lizzie McGuire” reboot says it got canceled by Disney because some of the plot points were NOT G-rated, like Lizza hooking up with an old crush.

Wed. Jan. 17:

  • There’s a weird conspiracy theory going around that Taylor Swift secretly wrote the book “Argylle” .. which was made into a movie starring Bryce Dallas Howard. She didn’t.
  • Ariana Grande has supposedly lost more than 350,000 instagram followers since she released her new single, “yes, and?”.. which references her controversial relationship with her “Wicked” co-star Ethan Slater.
  • The NFL and ESPN are saying Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce is retiring.

Tues. Jan. 16:

  •  Lindsay Lohan was hurt and disappointed by a fire crotch joke in the new “Mean Girls” musical movie.
  • Billie EilishDua Lipa, and Olivia Rodrigo will perform at the Grammys. The artists — all previous winners and current nominees at this year’s show — make up the first wave of performer announcements, with additional acts set to be revealed in the coming weeks. The 66th annual ceremony will once again be hosted by Trevor Noah and will make its return to L.A.’s Arena.
  • It was a bad night for Pennsylvania fans in NFL playoff action last night.  The Bills beat up on the Steelers, and the Eagles got handled by the Buccaneers.

Fri. Jan. 12: 

  • Sophia Vergara has fired back at an interviewer who mocked her Colombian accent.  Host Pablo Mottos made fun of the way Vergara pronounced “Modern Family.” He asked her to repeat something she said and Vergara then looked at him and said, “How many Emmy nominations do you have in the US? How many times have you been nominated for a Golden Globe? I think my accent is fine.”
  • Jessica Simpson makes fun of her classic “Chicken of the Sea” blunder in what (most likely) will be a Big Game ad.  The ad plays on her mistake from years ago when she really believed it was chicken and not tuna.  Her daughter co-stars in the ad.
  • SPOILER ALERT!  Tina Fey’s been trying to downplay the possibility of any major cameos from any of the old “Mean Girls'” starts in the rebooted musical — but unfortunately.. the cat’s outta the bag! Major spoiler ahead:
      • LINDSAY LOHAN is on Mean Girls 2024!

Thurs. Jan. 11: 

  • No, Martin Short & Meryl Streep are not dating… but how hot would that be? Apparently the couple put the brakes on dating speculation (since their co-starring in Hulu’s “Only Murders in the Building” by saying they are “just friends.”
  • Jessica Alba when to therapy with her daughter because they were fighting all the time. The actress says therapy helped put the “momness” of her actions in check and opened up new lines of communication between Alba and her daughters.
  • Season 1 of “Wednesday” is getting an actual Blu Ray and DVD release, which is rare for a Netflix show these days. The company says the show has been a juggernaut hit (acknowledging Jenna Ortega played a huge part in that) and by doing this special release they are widening their audience.  The show will scare it’s way onto Blue Ray & DVD on March 26, 2024.


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